Stories from a Leaking Mind

A collection of short stories, quirky, enchanting and unforgettable


Stories from a leaking mind

Samuel is plagued by strangers who whisper to him unwanted messages of a sexual nature. Mandy is accident prone when wearing stiletto heels. Clemency is a nurse who feels herself to be undesirable until she meets Joseph, a dying patient who’s troubled by the choices he made in life. Andrea is addicted to correcting other people’s mistakes and cannot understand why her efforts are unwelcome.

Each of the eighteen stories are different in style but all feature a comic, thoughtful and poetic approach to this exploration of the inner worlds of these memorable characters.

“And at the end of each day, I’m left with the feeling that there must be holes in my mind somewhere, for all these stories have leaked out.”

Samples from each story can be found in the Contents section.

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