Acupuncture ExplainedThe book provides a clear, easy-to-read account of what Chinese acupuncture is, how it works, and what it can treat – all expressed in terms that can be understood by Western readers. Hence, it can be fruitfully read by any patient or prospective patient who wishes to understand their treatment, how it works and the thinking behind it; or read by acupuncture students who wish to quickly obtain this same overview of the subject, to complement their more detailed studies.

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Secrets of the Hidden VesselsNonfiction. This book clearly explains Chinese acupuncture. It describes which parts of the Nei Jing are fact based, metaphorical, or untrue; identifies the conflicting Nei Jing theories on metabolism, and which are true or untrue; and key concepts such as the Chinese medicine organ functions are also clearly explained in relation to contemporary physiology.

The book provides students or practitioners with an indispensible guide to properly understanding the Chinese medicine of the Nei Jing. And it also enables Chinese medicine to be explained to patients using terms they can understand.

Free sample chapters are available here.

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The Tragedy of PerceptionFull-length novel. In a town called Perception, the citizens are ruled by an extravagant madness. The novel is a comic allegory about communication problems.

The first quarter of this book is available as a sample on this site here.

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Author’s Bio

Fletcher Kovich was born in 1960 in the UK. His early training was in electronic engineering and music, and he worked as a music teacher, then a technical author in the software industry. In 2001, he began training in Chinese acupuncture and in 2005 he set up his own Chinese acupuncture practice in Bristol, UK.

In 2016, he published a groundbreaking book on Chinese acupuncture, which provided a new explanation of how acupuncture works and also clearly described the key aspects of Chinese medicine in terms that today’s readers can understand.

Since 2017, he has been conducting a research project to obtain objective scientific data to validate his “intelligent tissue” hypothesis on what acupuncture is and how it works. He has already published several scientific papers describing the results.

Stories from a Leaking MindA collection of short stories. Each of the eighteen stories are different in style but all feature a comic, thoughtful and poetic approach to this exploration of the striking inner worlds of these memorable characters.

Extracts from each story are published on this site here.

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The Trouble with ConversationNonfiction. Understand what it is and is not possible to communicate about and why unpleasant people are an invention of our own mind.

Using language that everyone can understand, the book provides a fascinating read for anyone interested in everyday communication and the related relationship problems.

The first quarter of this book is available as a sample on this site here.

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