by Fletcher Kovich


Why Drugs and Vaccines Don't Work

Why Drugs and Vaccines Don't WorkNonfiction. This book compares natural healing with the drug-based approach to healthcare, and clealry demonstrates the conceptual flaw in the design of most drugs, which only damages health and even leads to pandemics, such as the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Ironically, the book shows that a 2,000 year old medical system is far more scientific, effective, and genuinely evidence based than today's mainstream healthcare.

Acupuncture Today and in Ancient China

Acupuncture Today and in Ancient ChinaNonfiction. This book clearly explains Chinese acupuncture. It describes which parts of the Nei Jing are fact based, metaphorical, or untrue; identifies the conflicting Nei Jing theories on metabolism, and which are true or untrue; and key concepts such as the Chinese medicine organ functions are also clearly explained in relation to contemporary physiology. The book provides students or practitioners with an indispensible guide to properly understanding the Chinese medicine of the Nei Jing. And it also enables Chinese medicine to be explained to patients using terms they can understand. Free sample chapters are available.

Acupuncture Explained

Acupuncture ExplainedNonfiction. The book provides a clear, easy-to-read account of what Chinese acupuncture is, how it works, and what it can treat – all expressed in terms that can be understood by Western readers. It provides acupuncture students or patients with an overview of the entire subject.

The Trouble with Conversation

The Trouble with ConversationNonfiction. Understand what it is and is not possible to communicate about and why unpleasant people are an invention of our own mind. A fascinating read for anyone who’s interested in everyday communication and the related relationship problems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese MedicineNonfiction. Articles and Essays on various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mainly focusing on acupuncture.

Sawing up my sofa

Sawing up my sofa

An account of... well, sawing up my sofa. Features a series of step by step photos on how to saw up your sofa.



Nonfiction. My notes on the writing of fiction, on Chinese Medicine phenomena, on travel, people, dreams, and other topics.