Sketchbook entry

Money with my name on

by Fletcher Kovich


Two weeks ago, a patient paid me for her acupuncture session with four ten pound notes. She laid them on the side table. When I looked down at them, I saw she had written “Fletch” across the face of the top note. I said something like, “Ah, you’ve allotted that money for me.” I looked closer at the note and saw that my full first name was written clearly across it: “Fletcher.” She looked at me, puzzled. I said did you put this money aside for me and write my name on it. She looked at the notes, amazed, and said “No, I didn’t write that on there.”

Apparently, it was a coincidence. Or was it. Occasionally, I notice things written on bank notes, sometimes a few figures, as a person does a sum, or very occasionally a person writes a name. But I might see such a thing once a year, or less. And my name is unusual, so for this to be a coincidence is not really credible. No, it was obvious to me this money was meant for me; after all, it had my name on it. When you’re used to synchronicity, you take this sort of thing for granted, and I regularly experience such “coincidences.”

But here is the funny thing. This evening, when I saw the patient again, we were talking about this, and she told me afterwards that she had told some of her friends about this, and that she was wondering how it could have happened. She said that she considered at one point whether I had switched the notes over, using slight of hand. This made me laugh, big time, because I would never have predicted that she would have thought such a thing. The very notion seemed funny to me, because what possible reason could I have had to do such a thing. We both laughed about this.

No, somebody, somewhere had written my name on that ten pound note, and from that moment onwards, the note was intended for me, and it managed to find its way to me. This makes perfect sense to me.

The patient told me she always went through the same routine. On the way to clinic she used a cash machine to draw out £40 to pay me with. These were the notes she handed over on this day. She would have always used that particular cash machine on a particular day, and at roughly the same time. For my "synchronicity" explanation to work, the following would be necessary.

Firstly, we are all connected energetically, to all people, whether we have met them or not. And something is communicated between us via this energy. In synchronicity, this works by a total stranger suddenly presenting us with a solution to a problem we have. Both the provider and the recipient are connected, one has a solution which matches the problem of the other, and the two people are drawn together due to this. In healing, it's common for this to work with new patient's, whom we've never met. It always seems that just as we need a new patient, one turns up, but also that that particular patient seems suited to us; that we can meet the particular health demand they have.

My idea is that whoever refills that particular cash machine on that day was aware (through this type of synchronicity, or "energetic connection") that on a particular day and at a particular time my patient calls at the machine to draw money out for "Fletcher". The bank person was aware of this, subconsciously, and when they saw notes with "Fletcher" written on them, they felt the urge to sort them in a particular way, which just happened to place them in the machine so that my patient would receive them. What makes this more likely is that such a thing written clearly on a bank note is a bit unusual, which probably explained why the bank person noticed it.

To those not familiar with synchronicity, this may seem farfetched; to other's it will make perfect sense.

15 September 2009