Sketchbook entry

Learning Reiki

by Fletcher Kovich


Last weekend I learnt Reiki, on a two day course. Apart from one dramatic experience at the end, there was nothing about the weekend that was particularly new to me, though I had never officially performed Reiki before.

There were four of us on the course. At the end we split into two couples and gave a Reiki treatment to each other. At the start of the treatment I was giving, I performed a body scan, which was done by passing my hands along the other person’s body, hovering about two inches above her body while she lay on a treatment couch. When my hands passed over her heart region, I felt a column of cold air rushing up from her body. The column was about six inches in diameter; it felt as though a vacuum cleaner, which was switched to ‘blow’, had just been switched on inside her. We were told that cold energy related to emotional issues. This told me that the person had some emotional issues related to her heart and that when I did the treatment I should spend some time on passing Reiki energy into her heart region.

The experience of feeling the person’s energy in the form of a cold column of wind blowing out of her body was a dramatic one; I had never felt a person’s energy in that way before. And this told me that something within me had been changed while I was on this course. Had it not been for this, I would have left the course in some doubt that anything had happened to me.

11 December 2008