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The Tragedy of Perception



Eunice Attwood (12 October, 2010 posted on ):

Very witty indeed. What a zany, brainy, person you must be to create such a work of art. The goldfish added even more colour to this brilliant story, even though it may have been only a particular shade of brown. (If that's what colour fishy poops are. I've really never paid much attention). This book begs to be backed, so who am I to say nay.

Marija F.Sullivan (12 October, 2010 posted on ):

As promised, I read more of your comic novel. And what can I say, really, other than: brilliant! Very happy to back this entertaining and intelligent read. And best wishes for your writing career. I can see your titles in major bookshops, M

Marija F.Sullivan (8 October, 2010 posted on ):

Wonderfully observant and ironic. How I chuckled to read 'when the community's tongues were at their most athletic.'

Very much liked the goldfish allegory. I look forward to read more than opening chapters of this tremendous book.

Courtney Cascadian (3 October, 2010 posted on

I found this very easy to read, relaxing and funny.

Miles A. Robinson (9 September, 2010 posted on

Wildly imaginative and funny. If laughter is the best medicine, I think this is a cure-all for all that ails humanity.

“Suzalex” (7 September, 2010 posted on

Ha, you do think outside of the box. Your stories are amusing and so different. Backed, of course.

Norman “Fromante” (3 September, 2010 posted on

Well, what can I say Fletch. You caught me with the first book and now you are rubbing it in, twofold! It gets better as you go along, so please don't write anymore, I will never get any work done at all if you do. Backed to the hilt. Good Luck.

Jessica “Jaemomof2” (2 September, 2010 posted on

Fletcher, I must agree with ALMW, it has some good humor. It is very funny lol. I LOVE the fishbowl part, I laughed a lot. I also like the part with Peter and answering what to all the questions. I really liked this book. It's very interesting and a great read! Best of luck with this one too and you have a great imagination! Thanks for allowing me to read you're work :-).

Linda “almw” (1 September, 2010 posted on

I laughed so hard at the first part of this that the tears rolled down my face. However, I am aware that my sense of humour is very individual so I am not sure how many others would find it so funny. I loved the professor, the goldfish, the shell suits and the opinion poll stories but you lost me a bit in the last one - not sure where that is going, but the pitch explains a bit. Will try and find out when I have the time. You sure can write fun! Am backing for the tears of laughter you caused me! Best wishes

Niobrara Kardnova (24 August, 2010 posted on ):

You've a fine sense of the ridiculous--even the goldfish are misinterpreting intentions in this one. The satire on polling is spot on, as is the panning of research procedures, and the names of people and places are cleverly chosen. Happy to back.

“PCreturned” (21 August, 2010 posted on

Interesting idea for a story. The main draw to this book, though, is your writing style. It's v playful and freewheeling, what with the athletic tongues and all. Shame about the poor goldfish. :( You've a fine sense of ridicule with both your characters and their dialogue. And there are plenty of ideas to keep us interested. Pete

J.S.Watts (20 August, 2010 posted on ):

Poor Bruce and Sheila, perhaps some tasteful aquatic foliage would help improve things?

Andrew Burans (13 August, 2010 posted on ):

You have finely crafted a most unique, quite interesting and humorous storyline. The dialogue is crisp and well written and your character development of Peter and Sally is excellent. All of this coupled with your descriptive writing style makes your work a pleasure to read. Backed.

Liz “lizjrnm” (7 August, 2010 posted on

Absolutely marvellous! If I were a publisher Id be dialling your number pronto! Excellent premise with down to earth, realistic story lines! I can see the movie now! Backed 100%

“Burgio” (7 August, 2010 posted on

This is a fun book to read beginning with the explanation of why murders occur because of a grumble factor. The idea that everyone has to own a goldfish sounds like a law my local city council would pass (the goldfish conversation is laugh out loud funny). You have a wonderful imagination. Kept me reading and reading.

Andrew Skaife (4 August, 2010 posted on

You have the style that will help this strangely named book along. Readers who are looking for something to enjoy and to marvel at would be happy with your writing and your premise/ narrative. BACKED

“livid” (3 August, 2010 posted on

There is a distinct humour to the names, the characters and the events and it comes together as a complete package. Your descriptions are vivid and the dialogue carries a thread that keeps the reader engaged. backed.



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