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Editing further: Irresistible Temptation

Eight months after finishing this story, I have edited it again. I went through three drafts and reduced its length by 260 words.

First draft

Second draft

Final draft

A file showing the edits between drafts2-3


21 October 2010


I made a few further edits, as shown below. This was following some detailed feedback from a particularly fanatical apprentice writer. Of his pages of criticism, many of his comments were misguided and just plain wrong, but a few of his more minor comments were valid. The following edits mostly resulted from the fact that I spent some time hovering over those particular passages again, and are probably the result of about two hours work. Knowing when to stop, is one of the techniques that any creative artist needs to master:

A file showing the edits between drafts3-3a


21 December 2010



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